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This site provides information on appropriate clothes to pack and wear. Links to cities in North America are as follows.

Climate and appropriate clothes in North America

North America has the United States, Canada, countries lying from Mexico to Panama and Caribbean countries. North America embraces every climatic zone, from tropical rain forest and savanna climates on the low latitude areas to tundra and subarctic climates on the high latitude areas.
Tropical rain forest and savanna climates prevail in Mexico, Panama and others. In these areas, it is warm enough to wear light clothes all the year. Tundra and subarctic climates prevail in Alaska and Canada, it needs to wear high quality winter clothes during the winter. In middle latitude areas in North America, it is almost a temperate climate. But, appropriate clothes depend on the location and the season.


Canada is located in the northern half of the North American continent, almost the entire area of the country belongs to tundra and subarctic climates. Canada is a large country, the temperature difference is large depending on the location by latitude, altitude and other factors, it is generally cold. However, some areas of the coastal Pacific Ocean, such as Vancouver are comfortable climate under the influence of ocean currents. And cities of the low-latitude in Canada, such as Toronto and Montreal, temperatures are higher compared to other regions.
In most regions in Canada, you must prepare for low temperature even in the summer. In winter, high quality winter clothes are necessities and you should avoid as much as possible going out.

United States

The United States has a great variety of climates. The southern tip of Florida and Hawaii are tropical, on the other hand, Alaska is subarctic and tundra. In the tropical climate, it is warm enough to wear light clothes all the year. But in Alaska, we need to wear high quality winter clothes during the winter. West of the 100th meridian, much of the United States is semi-arid to arid. East of the 100th meridian is the humid subtropical climate and the humid continental climate. suitable clothes depend on the location and the season in most areas of the United States.

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