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You can check the clothes for the next 5 days in cities around the world.

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How to Use This Site

Welcome to Clothes Forecast, your go-to site for deciding what to wear based on the weather in your city or travel destination. You can see clothes recommendations for the next 5 days for over 200,000 cities worldwide!

Here's how to get the most out of our site:

Automatic City Selection

When you visit the site, it automatically selects your current city. (If this does not work, please try "Search Other Cities" below.)

Search Other Cities

If you want to check the weather and clothes recommendations for a different city, click the "Other Place" button. A search box will appear.

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Start typing the name of the city you're interested in, and a list of matching cities will appear. Click on the city you want to view.

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Current Location

To get recommendations for your current location, simply press the "Get Current Location" button.

Feeling Temperature

Understanding how to dress appropriately involves more than just looking at the thermometer. Our site provides advice based on the "feels like" temperature, which takes into account factors such as wind, humidity, and sunlight. Here's why this matters:

Wind Chill

Wind can make it feel colder than the actual temperature. For example, a temperature of 40°F (4.4°C) can feel like below freezing if the wind speed is over 5 meters per second.


Changes in humidity can also affect how warm or cold you feel. A 10% change in humidity can make a significant difference in the perceived temperature.


A sunny day feels warmer than a cloudy one, even if the actual temperature is the same.

By considering these factors, our site helps you choose the right clothes based on the "feels like" temperature, ensuring you stay comfortable no matter the weather.

City-Specific Information

Our site also provides detailed clothing forecasts for major cities, helping you plan your wardrobe for any trip. Here's what you can find:

5-Day Clothes Forecast: This feature offers daily clothes recommendations based on the weather forecast for the next five days in your selected city.
Monthly Recommended Clothes: This feature provides clothing recommendations based on the average high and low temperatures for each month, helping you pack appropriately for longer trips.

No matter where you're traveling, checking the 5-Day or Monthly Recommended Clothes can help you choose the right clothes. Different locations experience seasons differently, so our site provides the information you need to dress appropriately whether it's winter, spring, summer, or fall.

Note: Individual perceptions of temperature can vary, so use this information as a guide. We are not responsible for any issues that arise from following these recommendations.

Reason why this site is worth using

One of the most sensitive factors about traveling is clothing. Among the factors to be considered when traveling to a different country or area is the weather patter. Imagine what an embarrassment and inconvenience it would be when your dressing is in contrast with the weather. Those that are used to travelling already know the ropes by now. Carrying an extra set of warm clothing is a wise thing to do as weather changes unexpectedly.

Embracing the weather forecast

Most of us don't take it too seriously but the weather forecast does save us a lot of trouble. Watching it the night before your journey should make you less tensed up. At least you will know what clothes to pack for your trip. Majority of us rely on weather apps on our smart phones which is not a bad thing. The most important thing of all is to be prepared in terms of clothing.

However, the ones mentioned above are not enough, and if you use this site the accuracy will increase.